Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Desert Rose

I thought I'd put this up for you to see. This is my absolute favorite flower that I have found so far in the Carribean. This particular plant grows in a pot outside our apartment. I asked my landlord what it was and she calls it a "desert rose" but if anyone knows anything different please feel free to let me know. I have taken several pictures of this plant in preparation to make screensavers and backgrounds to sell online. I also have a variety of shots of island landscape that I will be incorporating and eventually I would like to get some "local color" and culture shots. Meanwhile, Paul is hard at work studying for mid-terms coming up the week after next, and I am getting over a pretty thorough sunburn I got over the weekend. Thankfully, aloe vera gel is easing a lot of the discomfort. Thanks for all tose who have been keeping in contact. It has been a real blessing to stay somewhat connected to you all.

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