Thursday, September 08, 2005

Getting Settled

After my arrival in Grenada on Saturday, things are starting to settle into a routine. Or at least as much semblence of routine that can be offered in the Carribean. Basically, few things are the same here from one day to the next. Paul's classes are not even on a regular weekly time schedule, he gets a list of dates and times for about a month and then he'll get another one when that one becomes obsolete. The overall attitude here is relaxed. So relaxed in fact that it drives some of the people from faster paced lives crazy with the haphazard ways things are thrown together. Somehow it all seems to come out fine in the end and if it doesn't..."No worries, Mon".

Anyway, I have been productive though. Yesterday, I took all day and stayed at home and unpacked, cleaned and scrubbed everything I could get my hands on and then cooked dinner for Paul when he got home. I was pretty exhausted the first few days, getting used to the heat and the walking. Now though I am almost fully functional again, I have started to get my energy back and I don't sweat nearly as much. I have started to get freckles and swollen ankles though. Paul thinks that my legs may have adjusted semi-permanently to wearing high heels all the time and now that I am always in flip-flops and walking a lot the circulation is not so good. We shall see though. Maybe I will just have to transform into Carribean Barbie ;-)

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