Tuesday, October 11, 2005

These pictures have been taken in and around our apartment. The mongoose family is still doing well, although they haven't been out much lately. The moth that you see was attracted to the bug-zapper that we bought to cut down on the mosquitoes and he was way too big to get into the cage around the black light. The ring that you can see on the ledge underneath him is the bottom of a spray can of polyurethene, to give you an idea of his size. The little frog is right next the the 2x4" hand rail that leads to our apartment so you can see he is not quite an inch long. The gecko that you see on my hand has been a rooming with us for over a week now. He can be found in my closet, hanging around the bug zapper at night for easy snacks or in the shower (where I was moving him from when this picture was taken). He doesn't really like to be held unless he can't get out of trouble himself (he doesn't do well with tiles). Once on my body, he really doesn't like to get off although that may have something to do with the shiney objects he finds on my hands. Maybe it's a girl ;-)

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