Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Off to the beach.

I got up early Monday and went into school with Paul with the end goal of doing the grocery shopping. Since it was just after 8am the stores hadn't opened yet (even our supermarkets have an average opening time of 9-10am on a weekday). So I took the opportunity to have the first cup of coffee I have had in months and bought a pastry in a little bakery by the mall where the supermarket and other essentials are located. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent watching the island wake up in the misty morning that occurs after we have had a lot of rain. Eventually I made my way to the shopping centre and wandered through a few of the shops for ideas on "islandy things" for Christmas presents and ideas for my hobby projects. It was quite productive in that way, so I am off to the beach today to collect some of the materials for my new ideas. It has been raining off and on all week so the walk should be pleasant. I have been trying to walk more frequently since the movement and fresh air quells the slight queasiness that comes with early pregnancy.


Krista said...

Congrats on your new expected one. How far along are you and is this your first?

Great blog, love the pink.

Lisa said...

Hello , I lost my first post ( I am not good at this). I am very new at this !!!! My daughter loved your wildlife there, what a beautiful place. Thank you for dropping by my blog, I thought only my hubby,Mum and a few friends would pop in here and there. Very nice suprise. Congratulations on your baby !!!
Babies are so wonderful !!! My little Ella is 2 ( just turned)and I would love to have another one day. Another boy would be nice!!!
When are you due ??? I had 4 babies in 4 1/2 years so pregnancy stuff is still very fresh to me even after 2 years . I hope you have a good pregnancy and delivery.
I will pop in here and there .
Funny, Krista who left a comment is a friend of mine.

Take care ,

Lisa ( sorry for the long winded post !!! )

aniv2 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Congrats on the pregnancy! And moving to a lovely island. Am enjoying your site also.

Babyescapade said...

Odd how my regular screen name is not working. Babyescapade.

Anonymous said...

aren't you gonna update this thing?