Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Christmas Trauma

Here is a shot of my foot after I fell down some stairs at my in-laws house over the holidays. I think I scared everybody more than I really did serious damage to myself. This was the worst of it. Paul says he thinks I may have fractured or broken something but mostly it was just a lot of bruising and tenderness. I also hit my elbow and hip but there aren't any shots of those (the elbow really wasn't that bad, and there is no way I am putting a shot of the other spot on the web ;-)

We took Lady for her first trip to the beach today. I will be posting about it later when Paul get's home with the camera and I can get them off the memory card. I thought you might like to see one of my attempts to capture the rainbow that frequently appears in front of our apartment. This one is not as brilliant as some but it's pretty anyway.


Lisa said...

That is one sore looking foot !!!

I am so glad that the baby didn't get hurt , how scary .

baby escapade said...

Glad to read you and the baby are well.