Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Half way there!

Yesterday I set up an appointment with a local midwife! She does her "rounds" on Saturdays so my first appointment will be this weekend. All the visits are done at my home and she only handles home deliveries for low risk pregnancies. Since this is my first check up (I know, 21 weeks is a little later than usual ;-) she will bring some forms for blood work and cultures that I will need to have done at a lab to prove that I am healthy and low risk, thus enabling her to take me on as a patient. I am not really worried about it, nothing about my pregnancy has been remotely unexpected. Everything has been completely, freakishly textbook. I think Margarite (the midwife) was actually laughing at me a little for being as laid back about it as I am. Apparently, "laid back" is not a term generally associated with first time mothers. Anyway, I'll keep you posted!

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Lisa said...

Yay !!! Not long now . My homebirth was my best birth experiance . If I ever have another I would try for another homebirth for sure .

Take care :)