Friday, March 31, 2006

It's a ...

...boy? Since the little darling decided to keep various and sundry body parts in the direct line of the "camera" for the duration of the sonogram, we do not have conclusive evidence as to the gender of our child. However, the majority of opinion seems to be in favor of a boy so we have taken to calling him Isaac so that we can stop saying "it" and "the baby" all the time :0) Basically, we figure we're going to love any child the same amount so gender surety is not really a hinderance! I must say that seeing the fingers and toes, all the bones and organs was definitely worth having the scan. Also, the main reason for the ultrasound was to measure Isaac since I don't seem to have gained the average amount of weight for my dates. However, Isaac seems to be just fine, even a little BIGGER than his age, so we're guessing that I just have a few extra places to put weight that nobody knows about :-) And there are still 10 weeks to go for "rounding out" in both mom and baby. We'll keep you posted!

Monday, March 27, 2006

First kick in the ribs...

I got my first kick in the rib cage today. I was wondering if that was going to happen anytime soon. We go for the sonogram on Wednesday (SUPER EXCITED! :-) to make sure that everything is all right in there. I think Margarite is sending me to make sure the baby is big enough. I am not too worried since my Mom didn't gain a lot with her first (me) and I was over 8 pounds! Also, I am pretty tall and long torsoed which might give the appearence that I am smaller than I should be. I found this comic pretty funny though and thought it might give you a laugh. I want one of those "BABY!" shirts!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do you think I always look like this?!

Ok, for those of you that have ever actually seen me in person this might not make too much sense. I say that because you know what I have looked like in the past and can see the difference that the pregnancy has made in my body. I just find it funny that as for the rest of the world, I am not apparently pregnant! We had to go get the propane bottles for the stove refilled today and the taxi driver was like "oh, you're pregnant?". HELLO! NO, I NORMALLY HAVE A BELLY THAT EXTENDS PAST MY CHEST! :-) Paul pointed out that this might actually be a compliment to the maternity clothing that I have but sometimes I wonder... Anyway, I am actually getting more and more excited about the ultrasound coming up next week. Paul keeps saying he can't wait for Baby to come out and play. Can't say that I blame him :-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Puppies and prowlers

A few nights ago we had a prowler walk through the property. We were all awake, in fact, Paul and Lady were right outside the front door playing when I heard some weird rustles in the bushes off the back porch (on the opposite side of the building). I went outside to look thinking that it was probably a stray dog that shows up occasionally to look for scraps and tossed something at the bushes to scare him off. That's when I realized that the noises were not coming from anything that walks on four legs and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white move and start up the hill toward the corner of the property. I ran and got the flash light in the house and came back to get a better look and as I started to shout to see what was going on he realized that there is a 6 foot fence that intersects with a concrete wall up there and discovered that he wasn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lady ha heard me yelling but couldn't see the man and as they turned to come see me inside, the guy came around the corner of the house. This caused Paul to realize what I was on about and Lady to just go bananas. The guy kept moving and asserted that he was "just passing through, there was no problem" but Lady was obviously encouraging him to move quickly. You have to understand that the way that particular part of the yard is set up, the only entrance is from the property next door, there is NOTHING on this side of our land except dirt and brush, the back is blocked by the fence and wall and the only other thing around is our back porch (the floor of which is above the average man's head).

Basically, all this has caused me to be a little hypersensitive regarding noises at night and when home alone and Lady seems to have picked up on this. Last night she woke us at 3 in the morning at some apparent disruption that we couldn't determine. I guess it's good practice for the awakenings that we will be getting more frequently in the future :-) but it's just kind of disconcerting. Maybe I should look into some kind of gun/loud noise maker/other deterrent... Like that's just what the world needs, armed hormonally challenged women :-)

Monday, March 13, 2006

An explanation...

OK, so I got to thinking about this blog and looking back at some of my posts and realized that there might be some gaps that need to be filled in regarding the pregnancy. Basically, I realized that unless I correspond with someone personally and they get to ask questions that it might seem like I am all over the place. So here goes. The events up until now and "the plan" for the the coming events [Lord willing :-)].
Sept 5, 2005:
First day of Last Menstrual Period (LMP) We knew that it was possible that I might get pregnant so I took note of this day "just in case".
End of Sept:
I took a home pregnancy test and it was "positive". Since those tests are 99% accurate if administered correctly and I was already getting a few symptoms we went ahead and told family.
We had to decide what was going to be the order of events and where everything was going to take place in regards to the birth. Since we are planning to be in Grenada for basically all of 2006, this posed some serious questions. Was I going to have the baby in GD? Or go home to the States? If in the USA, where? Colorado with my parents or Maryland with Paul's? I really want a home birth with a midwife as opposed to a hospital so that complicates things too. What state will allow home births? At what cost? What about pre/postnatal care etc? How are we going to pay for everything?!
January 2006:
We were in Maryland for Christmas this time so I looked into getting doctors appointments while there. Basically, I discovered that if you don't have insurance and/or live in the state it can be almost impossible to get anything done. It's not that it absolutely can't be done but it is virtually so. Well, that definitely pushed me in a direction I was already headed, which was looking into a birth in Grenada. Basically, my philosophy is that women in every walk of life have babies in the same basic way. The natural process is the same in every country, religion, culture etc. The differences come in how people handle what nature does on its own. So, with that in mind, I have a friend here who got me in contact with a local midwife and I set up a meeting. I might devote a future post just to the midwife and her practice since it's really interesting but not in this already long post :-)
Feb 4, 2006:
The First Appointment. Margarite Sherriff (midwife) arrives at our house and goes over medical histories, listens to the baby's heartbeat, checks the size and position of my uterus, does some tests and gives me forms to get some bloodwork done at a local lab. The lab results come back normal and she accepts me as a patient (she only takes on low-risk pregnancies because she only delivers babies in the home of the patient :-)
Presently: So, now we are just playing the waiting game. You can see from previous posts the developments that have occurred along the way (most recent being the impending ultrasound :-D) and now hopefully you have a clearer picture of the background to my somewhat unconventional, tropical, Grenadian pregnancy story.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Getting bigger all the time...

Here's the most recent tummy shot. Unfortunately, it's super hard to catch any movement on film but you can take my word that it's really something to be lying down and suddenly see your belly start moving :-)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Ok everyone! I have a sonagram scheduled for March 29th. By then I will be about 29-30 weeks along. Plenty long enough to tell the sex if the little one cooperates. Hopefully they won't be too big and constricted so that we can't tell. We'll see. I am planning on posting pics of pregnancy progress just as soon as I can get on the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. Paul is working hard on his thesis, so I haven't been able to get to the blogs in a while. Oh, I also have another webpage now, on so that I could connect with some college friends. I forget the exact address right this second so I will put it up on the next post :-P

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sugar Cravings

This is one of my attempts to satisfy the craving for sugar that has been very strong recently. This turned out to taste better than it looks but for a first attempt with the pastry decorating I was ok with it. My hot fudge pudding cake later in the week has definitely done the best job fixing my "hankerings" but that one never looks pretty :-)