Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do you think I always look like this?!

Ok, for those of you that have ever actually seen me in person this might not make too much sense. I say that because you know what I have looked like in the past and can see the difference that the pregnancy has made in my body. I just find it funny that as for the rest of the world, I am not apparently pregnant! We had to go get the propane bottles for the stove refilled today and the taxi driver was like "oh, you're pregnant?". HELLO! NO, I NORMALLY HAVE A BELLY THAT EXTENDS PAST MY CHEST! :-) Paul pointed out that this might actually be a compliment to the maternity clothing that I have but sometimes I wonder... Anyway, I am actually getting more and more excited about the ultrasound coming up next week. Paul keeps saying he can't wait for Baby to come out and play. Can't say that I blame him :-)

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yGood luck!!!