Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Puppies and prowlers

A few nights ago we had a prowler walk through the property. We were all awake, in fact, Paul and Lady were right outside the front door playing when I heard some weird rustles in the bushes off the back porch (on the opposite side of the building). I went outside to look thinking that it was probably a stray dog that shows up occasionally to look for scraps and tossed something at the bushes to scare him off. That's when I realized that the noises were not coming from anything that walks on four legs and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white move and start up the hill toward the corner of the property. I ran and got the flash light in the house and came back to get a better look and as I started to shout to see what was going on he realized that there is a 6 foot fence that intersects with a concrete wall up there and discovered that he wasn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lady ha heard me yelling but couldn't see the man and as they turned to come see me inside, the guy came around the corner of the house. This caused Paul to realize what I was on about and Lady to just go bananas. The guy kept moving and asserted that he was "just passing through, there was no problem" but Lady was obviously encouraging him to move quickly. You have to understand that the way that particular part of the yard is set up, the only entrance is from the property next door, there is NOTHING on this side of our land except dirt and brush, the back is blocked by the fence and wall and the only other thing around is our back porch (the floor of which is above the average man's head).

Basically, all this has caused me to be a little hypersensitive regarding noises at night and when home alone and Lady seems to have picked up on this. Last night she woke us at 3 in the morning at some apparent disruption that we couldn't determine. I guess it's good practice for the awakenings that we will be getting more frequently in the future :-) but it's just kind of disconcerting. Maybe I should look into some kind of gun/loud noise maker/other deterrent... Like that's just what the world needs, armed hormonally challenged women :-)

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aniv2 said...

Glad you, your husband and Lady are well.