Sunday, April 30, 2006

Caught with a hand in the Easter basket.

Friday I had a prenatal visit. First time anything out of the ordinary has shown up. Don't worry though, it all turned out OK. I tested positive for a little protien and sugar in my urine. This could mean a couple different things if I had also had high blood pressure (it might have meant pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes) but my blood pressure was low and there's no problem. I just have to stay out of the Easter candy :-) No more chocolate bunnies for a few weeks. Anyway, Margarite said that she was very happy with the way everything looked/felt. Isaac is in the head down position and almost fully engaged. I was very happy to hear this, although it hasn't stopped him from lodging his feet in my rib cage and attempting to use it as a set of monkey bars when he gets restless. Kate

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