Monday, April 24, 2006

Dad 101- The Next Generation of D.I.Y.

Saturday started out kind of slow. We slept in late since Paul had been busting his tail over his presentation all week. When we both surfaced to full consciousness, we lay there talking about things we wanted to shift around in the apartment before the baby comes. So we roll out of bed and get to work. Our first thing was to shift the beds a little and rearrange the mosquito net and fan configuration to accommodate the pack-n-play that we anticipate putting at the end of the bed. I should explain that our “bed” is actually two single beds pushed together resulting in a “kingsize” bed. As Paul was restringing the supporting ropes for these things he went to get off the bed (he had to stand on the beds to set everything up) and put his foot straight through a weak spot in the supporting slats in one of the beds. Now we knew this spot in the bad was getting weak but in closer inspection we found that the main reason was an infestation (seems to be clear now) of termites. So that meant we were going to have to take a trip to the store to get stuff to repair the bed. While we were at the hardware store I remembered that I had seen a pack-n-play at a second hand store not too far from the mall. So we stopped there so I could show it to Paul and we ended up purchasing it (and saved about 200 ECD which is about 75 USD). We just made it to the bus that we needed to get back home (the buses only run about every hour on the weekends) and got home to a very excited Lady.

By this time it was about 3:30 and Paul got straight to work finding, measuring and sawing the wood. He finally found or made all the pieces from a scrap pile that we have left over from “Hurricane Ivan damage” and he got everything sorted out and assembled. Then we decided to try our hands at the pack-n-play. Oh, boy. We have both set these things up before but it’s been a while since the babysitting days and we were a little hazy. Additionally, the directions were in something like Swahili so if you couldn’t get the idea from the picture you were on your own. This might all have been ok except that I began to have some misgivings about the place where we got it when it didn’t go up so easily and I was thinking “Oh great, I’ve been duped and there’s probably no getting my money back and I am going to be stuck with this thing and not be able to use it…”. You get the idea. So we both fiddled around with the sides and tried to get them to lock in the straight position so that it would stand up. Nothing seemed to be working. No matter how we jerked, what order we tried, or how we positioned it would get it to stand. This is when I decided to start dinner in hopes that I wouldn’t break down in tears and cap off Paul’s already “wonderful” day. The next thing I know I hear a “POP” on the tiled floor and I turn around to see it up! I looked at Paul and couldn’t get the smile off my face. “What did you do?!” He looked at me and said, “I googled it”. Welcome to Dad 101.

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