Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One more vote for the boy?

Margarite was here yesterday. Did all the usual stuff, blood pressure, urine test, dopplered the heartbeat, measured the fundus, told me where his head was :-) That was fun. He actually had just flipped over that morning. Also, when she was taking the heartbeat, she said that her guess is that it's a boy. Apparently, in her experience, she has found that boys have a slightly lower heart rate than the girls. "Lower", meaning around 130-140 beats per minute as opposed to more than 140bpm. Our little guy has been a pretty consistent 130-135bpm when she's taken it and also when I measure it myself from time to time. My in-laws have lent us a doppler that has been so nice to have around. I think my Dad Gardenghi picked it up at a garage sale or something years ago. It's a hand held little thing with ear pieces (they look just like the ones on a stethascope) that army medics used who knows how long ago. It still works great!

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