Friday, April 21, 2006

Tummy bumps

I have gotten to the stage in my pregnancy where I am no longer able to make adjustments for my size. I don't think I have opened a single door in the last week when I haven't bumped myself in the tummy. Even when I am aware of it and try to compensate I still manage to hit it sometimes. Nothing traumatic or painful, mind you, just a brush of the fridge or counter as I walk past or trying to squeeze through a space in the grocery store that would have been double the needed space a few weeks ago! Anyway, at least people are aware that I am actually pregnant these days (although convincing them that I am due in less than 8 weeks is a completely different story). Apparently my 5'10" frame holds 20 or so extra pounds with out looking like the rhinosaurous they expect at this stage of the game :-) I try to tell myself that that has no reflection on how big I must look when not pregnant! Must be the, where'd my chocolate get to...?

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