Monday, May 29, 2006


In the last couple weeks, catching the bus has become a bit of a ritual. Since it is getting hard for me to climb in and out of the back of the little buses they use (which are 12 passenger vans) I usually get into the front seat where the bumps are fewer and I can pull myself up on the handle. The Lance Aux Epines (pronounced "lance" "e-peens") that takes me into the school has the same driver from 7:15am-2:pm and then another from 2pm-9pm. This means that I have developed somewhat of a relationship with the bus drivers (I had one before these last few weeks it's just that now everytime I get on they ask me how many days I have to go before the baby comes).

Anyway, last week there was a substitute bus driver for the afternoon shift since the regular guy has been sick. The substitute was very friendly and he is younger than the guys that normally run the route. He was very interested in the baby and pregnancy and asked lots of questions about everything. His main interest was how his driving affects the baby. He asked lots of questions about how fast he was going or how bumpy the road was and if it was jostling the baby too much. It was so cute! He actually started dodging pot holes and going really slow over some sections of road to make sure he was doing all he could to keep me comfortable. The biggest surprise came though when I got to my stop. As we were approaching he started to ask me how far I live from the stop. I told him it was probably a little less than half a mile and he was horrified! He has seen me get off the bus with a big wheeled duffel bag of groceries and trundle off home plenty of times. He said he always wondered how far I had to go but never had a chance to ask. So as he approaches my stop he says, "You cannot walk! You must stay in the bus." And he drove me right to my front steps. I was afraid he might get in trouble or something and I protested a little (I didn't have anything to carry that day anyway) but he wouldn't hear it. His answer was, "What are they going to do? Fire me?".

So the next week, Bruno comes back to run the afternoon shift. I have taken to only using the buses in the mornings to stay out of the heat but on Thursdays I swim with the SOs and get back home a little later. Anyway, I was happy to see he was better and asked him how he was doing etc. He did the same for me and we chatted about babies and kids in general, being parents and grand parents (he has a little grandson). Unbeknownst to me, I think that Leon (the sub from the last week) had either talked to Bruno or Bruno just took it on himself to bring me home again! I think I like these "perk in pregnancy" :-)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

All baby



Well, here I am. I had a check up on Friday. Margarite says I am "all baby" and there is nothing making me look this big except my little one. She also thinks that I might go into labor a little early but I won't hold my breath, just in case :-) Everything was great for the checkup. Blood pressure was great, baby's head is engaged, my system is clear and the heart beat was really strong. We went over when to call her as far as when labor begins and the name of the pediatrician that I need to go see before the birth. Since I have a pretty rare blood type (O neg) I need to go get a perscription for medicine that will prevent my body making antibodies against my baby's blood (if his rheus factor is positive). Hopefully, it will just be a precautionary measure and I won't really need it but better safe than sorry.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Baby shower and Mom

Some of my SO friends informed me that they want to throw me a baby shower! I thought that was really sweet. I am not sure of the details and stuff yet because they said they would send me an email telling me what to do but I am excited. A little bit of home away from home. I am also excited that my mother has decided to come visit me after I have the baby. She has time off in July and I can't wait to see her! She will be a huge encouragement, I am sure. Plus, I inherited a lot of my habits from her (my husband tells me I act more and more like her every day :-) so if things aren't absolutely the way I would like them to be when she gets here she will understand. I have the bast Mom in the world, I am telling you. I especially love it now that I have grown out of the junior high stage (a while ago, I like to think) and realize what a wonderful friend and awesome person she is :-) Besides, if I look as good as she does when I get to be her age...I'll be more than happy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pregnant celebrity

While waiting to meet my friend Camilla I sat in the playgroup room where she was coming to bring her son. The SOs get together on Tuesdays so that the kids can play and the moms have a chance to chat and do mom stuff (whatever that may be). I knew most of the moms and their kids that were there today, but this was the first time the kids had seen me in this setting, obviously. It was really funny. When I walked in there were two "older" (4yrs girl and 7yrs boy) that were alone because Mom had gone to take 2yr old sister to the bathroom. So I said "hi" and they immediately invited me to play with them. So I heaved my 5'10, 170 something frame onto the play mat and commenced to strategizing a battle field made of of everything from dinosaurs to aliens and cowboys while simultaneously analyzing why the Barbie piano was on the fritz (I think we established that the batteries had gone the way of the dodo).

Shortly, everyone started showing up for playgroup. Camilla was about 20 mins late but I didn't even notice until she showed up. Why? Well, Miss 4 asked me to read to her and the first book she picked was about a teacher that has to stop working so she can have her baby and the 2nd grade class surprises her with a present on her last day. Upon being informed by her mother that I had a baby in my tummy just like Mrs. Parker in the book, Miss 4 announced to the entire room that I had a baby in my tummy and she could feel it! (I had let her poke around and shown her where the baby has his bottom and feet). This brought looks of awe and wonder from all present under the age of 9 and they proceeded to want to experience this for themselves. So I spent a good 5 mins with many little hands on my belly feeling for different parts of the baby and many verbal encouragements for him to move. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood but they didn't seem to mind. I think touching the big tummy was on a par with petting Shamu at Seaworld :-) Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

Baby shower and Mom

Some of my SO friends informed me that they want to throw me a baby shower! I thought that was really sweet. I am not sure of the details and stuff yet because they said they would send me an email telling me what to do but I am excited. A little bit of home away from home. I am also excited that my mother has decided to come visit me after I have the baby. She has time off in July and I can't wait to see her! She will be a huge encouragement, I am sure. Plus, I inherited a lot of my habits from her (my husband tells me I act more and more like her every day :-) so if things aren't absolutely the way I would like them to be when she gets here she will understand. I have the bast Mom in the world, I am telling you. I especially love it now that I have grown out of the junior high stage (a while ago, I like to think) and realize what a wonderful friend and awesome person she is :-) Besides, if I look as good as she does when I get to be her age...I'll be more than happy!

Someone noticed!

I really had a rough night sleepwise last night and woke up feeling very tired and "blah". Then I got to the SO meeting and only 2 other people showed up so that was disappointing. However, the two people that did show up are some of the most helpful, dependable and competent people that I get to work with so we got pretty much everything taken care of between the three of us. That made me very happy. Then I went to meet my friend Camilla who gave me a bunch of cloth diapers that her son grew out of and she never used so that was "happy thing number 2". I also got to read and play with some of my friends children while waiting to meet Camilla so that was "happy thing #3" and I will have to do a whole separate post on that because it's so cute. After I got the diapers and we had a good chat (the contents of which you will also see another post about :-) I went to my favorite sandwich shop to grab a bite of lunch. I was already feeling pretty good. I walked into Nick's Donut World (it's a bakery) and Lisa said, "Oh, look at you, Honey! You've dropped!". You have NO idea how excited that made me!! Oh, my goodness. You'd have thought she told me I won the lottery. She and her husband (Nick, duh) have been following my progress very closely but I never expected that anyone would be able to tell that I have in fact, dropped. YAY! Anyway, it was just one of the many things that made my day today. More about the other things coming soon...

Monday, May 22, 2006

37 weeks!

Hard to believe we're here already. Next week I am going to go for a final sonogram to have the baby measured and checked out to make sure everything is on track for delivery. I have been having some pretty consistent Braxton Hicks contractions in the mornings and during the night. I also can predict what will bring them on (there is a certain point on my way to the bus stop that they almost always start). A little swelling in the ankles some days but usually can be relieved by putting my feet up or walking around. I actually painted my toes this morning, which I was very proud I can still do :-) Other than that just waiting for things to move along. Today marks the day that I can officially deliver at home without having to go to the hospital. I don't expect to go into labor this week or anything but I can't say that I would object. I am getting more and more excited about meeting my baby. Boy, that feels weird to say. My baby. My baby. Whew. Some days it seems all too real and other days I feel like I am just going to go on being pregnant forever, with things always changing but never really coming to a climax. I know that they will though, so that is something to look forward to. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens :-)

Friday, May 19, 2006


No, don't worry, this has nothing to do with sparkly diamonds or romantic stories. I am talking about the baby's head settling into my pelvic cavity. He has been in the "head down, facing my back" position (also called occiput anterior) a few weeks now and the last time Margarite checked he was "almost fully engaged". That means that she could only feel a small portion of his head above my pubic bone and that he only had a small amount of space before he was actually touching/resting on my pelvis. All that to say, I think that he fully engaged yesterday. I cannot be totally positove about this, of course, sine I have never done this before but I have a hunch. I was walking with a friend to go swimming and all of a sudden I got a really strong kick and the next thing I knew I felt like my hips were being forced in two directions. It was like someone was standing below me pulling down on the muscles between my legs/thighs while someone else was pushing a knee into my tailbone and pulling back on the sides of my hips. I stopped walking for a few seconds and promptly got a Braxton Hicks contraction but after catching my breath, I was pretty good. Now I just have this pretty constant feeling of carrying a large melon clamped between my thighs. An interesting concept, let me assure you. Anyway, I guess this means that we've hit another milestone. Hard to believe we only have 25 days to go!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The best compliment so far...?

Some of you will know that one of the things about me being pregnant has ben the lack of "looking pregnant". That is, no one can believe at any given stage that I am as far along as I am due to the fact that I don't look as big as they think I should. No big deal, right? Fine. So recently, I have been getting more and more unavoidably pregnant looking and people actually feel comfprtable asking me when I am due without the fear of thinking that I might have just packed on a few extra pounds in the last couple months. This has made me feel pretty good for the most part, kind of making the pregnancy seem more real and validating my changing shape to myself (not that this is a huge problem for me, but the feedback is nice, we all love feedback). Anyway, yesterday Paul came home and one of the first things out of his mouth was a compliment that had me laughing hard enough to give me a wicked Braxton Hicks contraction. He said, "You know, Babe? You look really pretty. Your tummy's gotten so big it makes your butt look tiny!"

Now that's progress ;-)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Internal Review Board

Thank you to evreyone that was praying for Paul's exams and his proposal defense for his MSc thesis. He made the presentation before his committee yesterday. It was GREAT! He did an excellent job (I knew he would ;-) communicating his aims, objectives and methods. All the board members LOVED him, with the exception of one professor who is notorious for being consistantly on some other planet culturally, academically and personally. I don't know that she understood what exactly was going on. So that was wonderful. He now just has to send out the final copy of his thesis to be graded and he can start his research.

Monday, May 15, 2006

All kinds of special.

This weekend was really special. Not that we did anything fantastically out of the ordinary or anything, but all the same it was very nice. Friday, Paul was home from his exam by lunchtime (he did fine, thank you to everyone that prayed for him :-) We watched a bunch of House, MD episodes all afternoon, had a great dinner and turned in early (he has been working so hard, he needed as much sleep as I do!).

Saturday we got up and headed to the beach. Paul and Lady explored the whole length of the bay while I alternated between hopping into the water and getting some sun. I have a serious tan deficency on my back due to the fact that is rare that I can get sun exposure back there for any length of time. I solved that by digging a hole in the sand underneath my towel so that I could be supported my hips and upper body but my tummy didn't get any pressure. That was fun. I got some really funny looks when I would get up though. You could just see people thinking, "Doggone it, how did she do that?!". Very amusing.

Sunday was my first Mother's Day. Yay! It was kind of a weird feeling to have both my Moms wishing me Happy Mother's Day when I called them. But I like it. Grace came over and we had one of my favorite meals and watched a movie. Basically just a fun lazy weekend. Back into the crazy class schedule for Paul today. It will allow him to be off in the afternoons though, so that is great because he won't have to cut class to come to the last sonogram. Yay. Well, must go retreive the laundry before it tears itself free from the clothesline. It's super hot here but that breeze keeps things bearable :-)

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Final

Paul has his last exam of this term today. It's Biochemistry, his least favorite subject. He's been having a hard time staying focused although he's been sucha trooper for the last two weeks, studying late every night and going into school to help him stay focused. So if you think of us today, pray for him and that the Lord will bless the hard work he's put in for this thing :-) We're planning a celebratory trip to the beach after he gets home so maybe there will be some fun things to post about later!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Prenatal Visit

Margarite came to visit me today.  I was a little nervous after the events of the last visit. Thankfully, everything was all clear. Literally. Absolutely nothing in the urine  and my blood pressure was 110/65.  Great stuff.  The baby is in the head-down position with his back lying along my left side and feet across my rib cage extending to the right side and back.  The head is still not fully engaged although she said he's still less than an inch away.  I am supposed to schedule a sonogram for next week or the week after to have him measured to make sure his growth is all on track for the delivery date. After that happens I will have another visit at which Margarite will be dropping off the "delivery pack" and reviewing the sonogram report.  The delivery pack includes various things for me and the baby from oxygen to anesthetic, sterile instruments and suturing materials.  Basically, she will be bringing all her equipment so that if I call her and she's in the supermarket, she can hop right over here and have all her stuff on hand.  I am pretty excited about this.  Everything just keeps bringing me closer and closer to when I get to meet my baby! 

Learning the lingo

When I was 9 years old my family moved from southern California to Whyalla, South Australia (pronounced why-allah and South Australia is the name of the state).  At the tender age of 9, I never realised some of the things go with that kind of move that were involved for my parents.  For example, my mother had a few mishaps with terminology and slang that we still tell whenever the subject of Oz comes up.  I won't go into them here because that's a whole other ball game.  Anyway, now that I am in a foreign country on my own and not in elementary school (which is the cure for "learning lingo" in strange lands) I understand my Mom's plight much better. Which brings me to the main point of this post.

Since I am progressing in my pregnancy to the point where it is really unavoidable to notice my condition there has been some interesting changes in people's behavior.  Women look sympathetically in my direction as I waddle down the sidewalk, some guys will help me lift things onto the bus and small children ask me "what do you have in there"?  One thing I haven't quite gotten used to yet is the way Grenadians ask about my delivery.  In the US there are a couple things you might say like, "Are you going to have the baby in Grenada" or "Are you planning to deliver in Grenada".  What you probably wouldn't say would be, "are you going to MAKE your baby in Grenada?"  My first thought when asked this question is always "Pretty sure the making part has been taken care of, buddy, now I just have to have the kid!"  But as you might imagine, confusion is sure to reign supreme if such a reaction were to take place.  So, I nod and smile and say, "Yes I am going to make my baby here in June". 

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This is just a picture of some flowers that Paul gave me a while back. Hadn't seen this picture in a while and decded to share it with you all. Did I mention I have the best husband in the world?

Thank you Dr. John Braxton

We're at the 35 week mark this week (for an exact count, see the counter on the top of the blog). New things to report include less sleep at night, increased feeling of waddling (although I really try very hard not to), smaller stomach capacity and BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS. Not that I haven't been having these for a while now, don't get me wrong, but these are Braxtons with attitude. They are starting to last longer and come more frequently and there are certain things that are a pretty sure bet to bring one on. Sitting up from a laying position without assisting myself with my arms, for example, or attempting to roll over without bending my knees and pushing with my feet for leverage. Hopefully in 2 or 3 weeks time , when I am considered full term they might actually start being productive and make me dilate. Here's hoping. Pretty exciting stuff (especially when I have Paul around to rub them away :-).

The Grenadian Way

Here's the thing about communication.  You need to have some. Period. Not only does it need to actually exist but in order for it to benefit anyone it needs to actually mean something.  I was supposed to meet two ladies yesterday to get into a room on the Grand Anse Campus that is for storage of SO stuff.  After visiting the supervisor's office I found that the lady who has always had the key is on holiday and of course her stand in has no idea what I am talking about or even a clue how to find out.  She sends me to the security department, where an equally clueless lady makes several phone calls to the True Blue campus (the main campus) and gets varied responses. One is "why is that room even locked, there's nothing of value in there, call Person A". Another is "Oh, that lock was changed and the room given to another department and now the key is kept in X building".  So we go across town to find that that department knows nothing about said key or the fact that they are in charge of that room (oh, and the building we were told they were located in was really building G instead of X).  More time is spent calling other people and we are finally told to go find the director of security who is supposed to have a key to apparently every door in the SGU universe. Of course when I get there he is "helping out in another building and won't be available until after 1pm".  So needless to say, we decided that the best corse of action would be to just wait until the supervisor is no longer on vacation and start this process all over again. Here's to the Grenadian way!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A taste of things to come?

I think Lady has somehow taken on the responsibility of getting us ready for the future. Not that she is doing it on purpose, of course, but nonetheless she is acting like the stereotypical two year old. Friday I came home and she was gone. We normally keep her on the porch which is 6-15 feet off the ground (each side is a different height due to surroundings, of course I would never leave my child at home :-). She usually is pretty afraid to go near the edges and seems to have a fear of heights. Not Friday. I came home from my meeting and she was no where to be found. I called and walked all over the property and was about to start going over the rest of the neighborhood when she came running. I have no way of know which direction she came from because she knows that if she always approaches the front door from a certain direction that we have a hard time knowing if she was "out of bounds". Smart little booger. Anyway, I am also suspicious that she might be coming into heat for the first time because ever since Friday she has disappeared at every opportunity (I got smart and she only has had one other chance since the porch incident) and the other time I found her she was coming from across the street! This is definitely not normal. So now we have a system where she has to go outside on a long tie off rope that keeps her within 20' of the front door. Lovely.

All this led me to think about the future things I will have to deal with in my kids. Allowing for the fact that the children won't be left home alone on the porch or tied to the front door as a punishment, there are certain similarities that are bound to eventuate. The sneakiness, for example. Or the consistently doing that thing he knows is wrong but the risk isn't as big as the reward kind of thing. These are things I am going to get from my kids. How do I deal with that? Based on a lot of prayer and hopefully some effective behavioral management techniques I am hoping that the child's ability to reason and communicate are going to make my job easier to tell when someone just wants to go outside to play as opposed to "I'm going to pee on the floor if I don't get out soon". I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?

The available shall inherit the presidency...

... This is the 1st law of bureaucracies. I posted earlier about the SO organization and my involvement for the next term. We had our first meeting on Friday to hand over information from the old officers to the new ones. Since we STILL do not have a candidate for the President position, guess who gets to "hold the torch". You got it. Moi. Can't help feeling I am going to end up setting some serious fires this way, but apparently there isn't much of an option. So far I just have a whole bunch of binders from previous presidents and vice presidents and a bunch of notes that I have started taking on things that need attending too. Like the running of meetings, for example. Boy is that going to have to undergo a little tweaking. Picture 9 women on a committee, 6 of which are mothers or prospective mothers, trying to have a decision making meeting about the calendar for the coming month, which topic of the last month is the most important to discuss and resolve right THEN in the meeting, at least half of those present weren't involved with the issue in question and finally trying to explain to 4 new officers that they are actually taking on two offices apiece due to the lack of nominees. Fun, crazy stuff, let me tell you. First thing going down for the next meeting is a PRE-PLANNED agenda to which everyone can contribute BEFORE the meeting. Heaven forbid.

Actually, overall I am pretty excited about the opportunity to get involved with new people and the other officers look like they are going to be great to work with. One of them has already made some comments that make me think we are thinking along very parallel lines an another has said some things that make me think she will be great to work with. So basically, you'll be hearing more about this in the future. Should only get more interesting from here on out!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not too long...

Can't wait to see those little toes of my own baby!

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So THAT'S what they meant...

I wondered if this was going to happen to me. I have always heard pregnant women (either current or already moms) talk about the painful kicks in the ribs. For a while there I wasn't even sure that I was going to get kicked in the ribs at all because everyone that is about as pregnant as me or even less was talking about it (I have a group of "pregnancy and mommy blogs" that I check regularly). So when I got the first kick in the ribs I posted but the kicks seemed to be pretty much like all the other movements I had been getting, just in a different location. NOT ANY MORE! Isaac is over 5 pounds now and even though he has a little more wiggle room than others his age (due to the freakishly tall Mommy he has with the "mile high" torso) he is managing to wedge his precious appendages up under my bottom ribs. So far we have a pretty acceptable system of communication worked out. I don't do certain things (lie on my stomach, slouch when sitting or standing, and don't eat too much too fast.) and he keeps his feet pretty much within the general area of the uterus and avoids trying to explore the uncharted territory of my upper thoracic cavity (lungs, stomach, heart etc). For the most part this is working for us and anytime either of us deviates we can remind the other of the status quo. Usually this means I get a kick that feels like he's attempting to puncture my lungs and he gets a bit of a coaxing nudge downwards on his foot when he tries to hook it around my skeletal structure. So basically, good times are being had by all. It's hard to believe I will have a little person in the house in a few weeks. It's hard enough wrapping my brain around what's going on now inside me and then taking on the thought of afterward....Whew. I just hope I'm tough enough for the transition, you know, that thing they call "labor". More on that in future...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My husband the photographer

I think this photo might just be the best picture that Paul has captured so far in his amatuer photographer's career. Just thought I'd share it with you so you can appreciate why I am so proud of him! :-)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The curse of a willing spirit...

There is an organization associated with the university here that is called the Significant Others Organization. I haven't really gotten involved at all for a variety of reasons. It's funny really. In college I was outgoing and pretty much involved as much as I could be. When I got here to Grenada I felt like I lost that part of my personality. Now those of you that know me will be snorting with mirth right about now because you know this could not possibly be true, but nonetheless this was the way I felt. I think part of this was being recently married (let's face it, there's nothing that kills an outside social life like being a newlywed that was separated almost immediately for 5 weeks :-). Additionally, I got pregnant within a month of arriving, which of course had NOTHING to do with that 5 week separation I mentioned, and slept for the better part of the next 3 months. Finally, although I might have overcome all this, I think I just felt really insecure and unfamiliar with anything to do with my situation and it felt safer to sleep and keep to myself than risk trying to put myself out there and get involved (which is unusual for me since insecurity normally pushes me in the more "uninhibited" direction, for better or worse).

I say all that to bring you to this. A few weeks ago I got my very pregnant self on the bus and there were a bunch of women with kids all going swimming. The SO (Significant Others) organization has a monthly calendar and regularly scheduled events to keep people in touch with other families and friends here at the university. Anyway, these girls were discussing pregnancy (there is an baby due every month until the end of the year in this group, including me) and I was drawn into the conversation for obvious reasons. This led to a few of them asking how it was that I had been here this long and not gotten to know them and they invited me to the next beach day (every Thursday). So the next Thursday rolled around and I didn't go because I had to grocery shop and didn't really think that anyone would care or notice my absence. The next day I saw a couple of the girls that had been on the bus and they actually mentioned that I hadn't come and that they had been looking for me. I thought that was really sweet, so this past Thursday I went to my first SO beach day. It was really fun and I felt like I was back in college at Rush or something. I met a bunch of really nice people (and their kids) and generally enjoyed myself.

But here's the funny thing.
On the way to the beach I was talking to the Treasurer of the organization. All of a sudden she was like, "You would make a great officer! Would you be willing to run for Vice President next Term?". I, being caught up in the moment and sure that there would be someone to run against thus negating my services, said that I wouldn't mind if she put my name down. Well, Saturday we had a BBQ as a kind of celebration for the impending end of term. During this the President came to me and said, "Hey, we are planning to have a meeting on Friday at 9am to hand over all the officer info and stuff that you will need for next term. Will that time work for you?". What could I do? So that's my Friday morning booked. The next Term too. The next morning there is an email sent to all the SO members that says who the officers are for the upcoming term. I thought this was great because now I can see who I'll be working with. Turns out I am the highest ranking officer on the board and there are only two others with me, one of whom is as new at this as I am! So needless to say I am now thoroughly involved in recruiting 6 other officers, one of whom I hope to be an experienced veteran to be President before it gets thrust into my very willing but inexperienced hands! ACK!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Surprise! Thanks everybody!

I had to get a picture together before I posted this so that's why it hasn't been sooner. When Grace went back to the States she offered to bring back stuff that we might need whether it was for the baby or us, just whatever. She's so sweet! What I didn't know is that she and my husband conspired (along with both mothers and a huge group of ladies in our church) to throw me a surprise baby shower! Grace brought everything over the day after she got back and she and Paul surprised me with everything. I was so overwhelmed!! I cried when it happened and everytime I wrote about it for the next week! I can't say how much of a blessing it was. I really had just gotten settled with the idea that I would be missing the parts of pregnancy where I get to share it with my friends and family, letting them seee how big I am (and boy do I feel BIG), shopping at huge baby stores etc. and then the Lord sent this. Thank you to everyone! I packed all the stuff into the pack-n-play for a big picture. I am sure you will see things more individually as Isaac gets the use out of everything. Thanks again everyone!