Monday, May 22, 2006

37 weeks!

Hard to believe we're here already. Next week I am going to go for a final sonogram to have the baby measured and checked out to make sure everything is on track for delivery. I have been having some pretty consistent Braxton Hicks contractions in the mornings and during the night. I also can predict what will bring them on (there is a certain point on my way to the bus stop that they almost always start). A little swelling in the ankles some days but usually can be relieved by putting my feet up or walking around. I actually painted my toes this morning, which I was very proud I can still do :-) Other than that just waiting for things to move along. Today marks the day that I can officially deliver at home without having to go to the hospital. I don't expect to go into labor this week or anything but I can't say that I would object. I am getting more and more excited about meeting my baby. Boy, that feels weird to say. My baby. My baby. Whew. Some days it seems all too real and other days I feel like I am just going to go on being pregnant forever, with things always changing but never really coming to a climax. I know that they will though, so that is something to look forward to. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens :-)

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