Saturday, May 06, 2006

The available shall inherit the presidency...

... This is the 1st law of bureaucracies. I posted earlier about the SO organization and my involvement for the next term. We had our first meeting on Friday to hand over information from the old officers to the new ones. Since we STILL do not have a candidate for the President position, guess who gets to "hold the torch". You got it. Moi. Can't help feeling I am going to end up setting some serious fires this way, but apparently there isn't much of an option. So far I just have a whole bunch of binders from previous presidents and vice presidents and a bunch of notes that I have started taking on things that need attending too. Like the running of meetings, for example. Boy is that going to have to undergo a little tweaking. Picture 9 women on a committee, 6 of which are mothers or prospective mothers, trying to have a decision making meeting about the calendar for the coming month, which topic of the last month is the most important to discuss and resolve right THEN in the meeting, at least half of those present weren't involved with the issue in question and finally trying to explain to 4 new officers that they are actually taking on two offices apiece due to the lack of nominees. Fun, crazy stuff, let me tell you. First thing going down for the next meeting is a PRE-PLANNED agenda to which everyone can contribute BEFORE the meeting. Heaven forbid.

Actually, overall I am pretty excited about the opportunity to get involved with new people and the other officers look like they are going to be great to work with. One of them has already made some comments that make me think we are thinking along very parallel lines an another has said some things that make me think she will be great to work with. So basically, you'll be hearing more about this in the future. Should only get more interesting from here on out!

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