Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baby shower and Mom

Some of my SO friends informed me that they want to throw me a baby shower! I thought that was really sweet. I am not sure of the details and stuff yet because they said they would send me an email telling me what to do but I am excited. A little bit of home away from home. I am also excited that my mother has decided to come visit me after I have the baby. She has time off in July and I can't wait to see her! She will be a huge encouragement, I am sure. Plus, I inherited a lot of my habits from her (my husband tells me I act more and more like her every day :-) so if things aren't absolutely the way I would like them to be when she gets here she will understand. I have the bast Mom in the world, I am telling you. I especially love it now that I have grown out of the junior high stage (a while ago, I like to think) and realize what a wonderful friend and awesome person she is :-) Besides, if I look as good as she does when I get to be her age...I'll be more than happy!

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