Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The curse of a willing spirit...

There is an organization associated with the university here that is called the Significant Others Organization. I haven't really gotten involved at all for a variety of reasons. It's funny really. In college I was outgoing and pretty much involved as much as I could be. When I got here to Grenada I felt like I lost that part of my personality. Now those of you that know me will be snorting with mirth right about now because you know this could not possibly be true, but nonetheless this was the way I felt. I think part of this was being recently married (let's face it, there's nothing that kills an outside social life like being a newlywed that was separated almost immediately for 5 weeks :-). Additionally, I got pregnant within a month of arriving, which of course had NOTHING to do with that 5 week separation I mentioned, and slept for the better part of the next 3 months. Finally, although I might have overcome all this, I think I just felt really insecure and unfamiliar with anything to do with my situation and it felt safer to sleep and keep to myself than risk trying to put myself out there and get involved (which is unusual for me since insecurity normally pushes me in the more "uninhibited" direction, for better or worse).

I say all that to bring you to this. A few weeks ago I got my very pregnant self on the bus and there were a bunch of women with kids all going swimming. The SO (Significant Others) organization has a monthly calendar and regularly scheduled events to keep people in touch with other families and friends here at the university. Anyway, these girls were discussing pregnancy (there is an baby due every month until the end of the year in this group, including me) and I was drawn into the conversation for obvious reasons. This led to a few of them asking how it was that I had been here this long and not gotten to know them and they invited me to the next beach day (every Thursday). So the next Thursday rolled around and I didn't go because I had to grocery shop and didn't really think that anyone would care or notice my absence. The next day I saw a couple of the girls that had been on the bus and they actually mentioned that I hadn't come and that they had been looking for me. I thought that was really sweet, so this past Thursday I went to my first SO beach day. It was really fun and I felt like I was back in college at Rush or something. I met a bunch of really nice people (and their kids) and generally enjoyed myself.

But here's the funny thing.
On the way to the beach I was talking to the Treasurer of the organization. All of a sudden she was like, "You would make a great officer! Would you be willing to run for Vice President next Term?". I, being caught up in the moment and sure that there would be someone to run against thus negating my services, said that I wouldn't mind if she put my name down. Well, Saturday we had a BBQ as a kind of celebration for the impending end of term. During this the President came to me and said, "Hey, we are planning to have a meeting on Friday at 9am to hand over all the officer info and stuff that you will need for next term. Will that time work for you?". What could I do? So that's my Friday morning booked. The next Term too. The next morning there is an email sent to all the SO members that says who the officers are for the upcoming term. I thought this was great because now I can see who I'll be working with. Turns out I am the highest ranking officer on the board and there are only two others with me, one of whom is as new at this as I am! So needless to say I am now thoroughly involved in recruiting 6 other officers, one of whom I hope to be an experienced veteran to be President before it gets thrust into my very willing but inexperienced hands! ACK!

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