Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Grenadian Way

Here's the thing about communication.  You need to have some. Period. Not only does it need to actually exist but in order for it to benefit anyone it needs to actually mean something.  I was supposed to meet two ladies yesterday to get into a room on the Grand Anse Campus that is for storage of SO stuff.  After visiting the supervisor's office I found that the lady who has always had the key is on holiday and of course her stand in has no idea what I am talking about or even a clue how to find out.  She sends me to the security department, where an equally clueless lady makes several phone calls to the True Blue campus (the main campus) and gets varied responses. One is "why is that room even locked, there's nothing of value in there, call Person A". Another is "Oh, that lock was changed and the room given to another department and now the key is kept in X building".  So we go across town to find that that department knows nothing about said key or the fact that they are in charge of that room (oh, and the building we were told they were located in was really building G instead of X).  More time is spent calling other people and we are finally told to go find the director of security who is supposed to have a key to apparently every door in the SGU universe. Of course when I get there he is "helping out in another building and won't be available until after 1pm".  So needless to say, we decided that the best corse of action would be to just wait until the supervisor is no longer on vacation and start this process all over again. Here's to the Grenadian way!

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