Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Learning the lingo

When I was 9 years old my family moved from southern California to Whyalla, South Australia (pronounced why-allah and South Australia is the name of the state).  At the tender age of 9, I never realised some of the things go with that kind of move that were involved for my parents.  For example, my mother had a few mishaps with terminology and slang that we still tell whenever the subject of Oz comes up.  I won't go into them here because that's a whole other ball game.  Anyway, now that I am in a foreign country on my own and not in elementary school (which is the cure for "learning lingo" in strange lands) I understand my Mom's plight much better. Which brings me to the main point of this post.

Since I am progressing in my pregnancy to the point where it is really unavoidable to notice my condition there has been some interesting changes in people's behavior.  Women look sympathetically in my direction as I waddle down the sidewalk, some guys will help me lift things onto the bus and small children ask me "what do you have in there"?  One thing I haven't quite gotten used to yet is the way Grenadians ask about my delivery.  In the US there are a couple things you might say like, "Are you going to have the baby in Grenada" or "Are you planning to deliver in Grenada".  What you probably wouldn't say would be, "are you going to MAKE your baby in Grenada?"  My first thought when asked this question is always "Pretty sure the making part has been taken care of, buddy, now I just have to have the kid!"  But as you might imagine, confusion is sure to reign supreme if such a reaction were to take place.  So, I nod and smile and say, "Yes I am going to make my baby here in June". 

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