Monday, May 29, 2006


In the last couple weeks, catching the bus has become a bit of a ritual. Since it is getting hard for me to climb in and out of the back of the little buses they use (which are 12 passenger vans) I usually get into the front seat where the bumps are fewer and I can pull myself up on the handle. The Lance Aux Epines (pronounced "lance" "e-peens") that takes me into the school has the same driver from 7:15am-2:pm and then another from 2pm-9pm. This means that I have developed somewhat of a relationship with the bus drivers (I had one before these last few weeks it's just that now everytime I get on they ask me how many days I have to go before the baby comes).

Anyway, last week there was a substitute bus driver for the afternoon shift since the regular guy has been sick. The substitute was very friendly and he is younger than the guys that normally run the route. He was very interested in the baby and pregnancy and asked lots of questions about everything. His main interest was how his driving affects the baby. He asked lots of questions about how fast he was going or how bumpy the road was and if it was jostling the baby too much. It was so cute! He actually started dodging pot holes and going really slow over some sections of road to make sure he was doing all he could to keep me comfortable. The biggest surprise came though when I got to my stop. As we were approaching he started to ask me how far I live from the stop. I told him it was probably a little less than half a mile and he was horrified! He has seen me get off the bus with a big wheeled duffel bag of groceries and trundle off home plenty of times. He said he always wondered how far I had to go but never had a chance to ask. So as he approaches my stop he says, "You cannot walk! You must stay in the bus." And he drove me right to my front steps. I was afraid he might get in trouble or something and I protested a little (I didn't have anything to carry that day anyway) but he wouldn't hear it. His answer was, "What are they going to do? Fire me?".

So the next week, Bruno comes back to run the afternoon shift. I have taken to only using the buses in the mornings to stay out of the heat but on Thursdays I swim with the SOs and get back home a little later. Anyway, I was happy to see he was better and asked him how he was doing etc. He did the same for me and we chatted about babies and kids in general, being parents and grand parents (he has a little grandson). Unbeknownst to me, I think that Leon (the sub from the last week) had either talked to Bruno or Bruno just took it on himself to bring me home again! I think I like these "perk in pregnancy" :-)


Grace said...

Leon is really nice. I was treking in LAE after looking at an apt there by the Calabash hotel, and was waiting for the bus to come by, but I figured that by the time the bus came and took me back to campus, I'd be late for my promotions class to La Sagesse. So I figured I'd try to walk it to the roundabout by the Texaco and catch a bus there. It was blistering hot as you know it can get, and I had just turned onto the highway, when a Special Assignment bus passes me by and the driver gestured to me as if to ask if I wanted a ride. I was thrilled to say the least, and ran to catch it. And it was Leon. He ended up also being the driver for our bus down to La Sagesse, so there was no way I was late for class :) He's a great guy.

Mama-Beans said...

de-lurking... How sweet of those drivers!!

baby escapade said...

That is so sweet!!