Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pregnant celebrity

While waiting to meet my friend Camilla I sat in the playgroup room where she was coming to bring her son. The SOs get together on Tuesdays so that the kids can play and the moms have a chance to chat and do mom stuff (whatever that may be). I knew most of the moms and their kids that were there today, but this was the first time the kids had seen me in this setting, obviously. It was really funny. When I walked in there were two "older" (4yrs girl and 7yrs boy) that were alone because Mom had gone to take 2yr old sister to the bathroom. So I said "hi" and they immediately invited me to play with them. So I heaved my 5'10, 170 something frame onto the play mat and commenced to strategizing a battle field made of of everything from dinosaurs to aliens and cowboys while simultaneously analyzing why the Barbie piano was on the fritz (I think we established that the batteries had gone the way of the dodo).

Shortly, everyone started showing up for playgroup. Camilla was about 20 mins late but I didn't even notice until she showed up. Why? Well, Miss 4 asked me to read to her and the first book she picked was about a teacher that has to stop working so she can have her baby and the 2nd grade class surprises her with a present on her last day. Upon being informed by her mother that I had a baby in my tummy just like Mrs. Parker in the book, Miss 4 announced to the entire room that I had a baby in my tummy and she could feel it! (I had let her poke around and shown her where the baby has his bottom and feet). This brought looks of awe and wonder from all present under the age of 9 and they proceeded to want to experience this for themselves. So I spent a good 5 mins with many little hands on my belly feeling for different parts of the baby and many verbal encouragements for him to move. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood but they didn't seem to mind. I think touching the big tummy was on a par with petting Shamu at Seaworld :-) Needless to say, a good time was had by all!


Grace said...

awww... that's so cute! don't worry, soon you'll be one of those doing "mom things" :p

baby escapade said...

That is a sweet story!