Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Prenatal Visit

Margarite came to visit me today.  I was a little nervous after the events of the last visit. Thankfully, everything was all clear. Literally. Absolutely nothing in the urine  and my blood pressure was 110/65.  Great stuff.  The baby is in the head-down position with his back lying along my left side and feet across my rib cage extending to the right side and back.  The head is still not fully engaged although she said he's still less than an inch away.  I am supposed to schedule a sonogram for next week or the week after to have him measured to make sure his growth is all on track for the delivery date. After that happens I will have another visit at which Margarite will be dropping off the "delivery pack" and reviewing the sonogram report.  The delivery pack includes various things for me and the baby from oxygen to anesthetic, sterile instruments and suturing materials.  Basically, she will be bringing all her equipment so that if I call her and she's in the supermarket, she can hop right over here and have all her stuff on hand.  I am pretty excited about this.  Everything just keeps bringing me closer and closer to when I get to meet my baby! 

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