Monday, May 01, 2006

Surprise! Thanks everybody!

I had to get a picture together before I posted this so that's why it hasn't been sooner. When Grace went back to the States she offered to bring back stuff that we might need whether it was for the baby or us, just whatever. She's so sweet! What I didn't know is that she and my husband conspired (along with both mothers and a huge group of ladies in our church) to throw me a surprise baby shower! Grace brought everything over the day after she got back and she and Paul surprised me with everything. I was so overwhelmed!! I cried when it happened and everytime I wrote about it for the next week! I can't say how much of a blessing it was. I really had just gotten settled with the idea that I would be missing the parts of pregnancy where I get to share it with my friends and family, letting them seee how big I am (and boy do I feel BIG), shopping at huge baby stores etc. and then the Lord sent this. Thank you to everyone! I packed all the stuff into the pack-n-play for a big picture. I am sure you will see things more individually as Isaac gets the use out of everything. Thanks again everyone!

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