Saturday, May 06, 2006

A taste of things to come?

I think Lady has somehow taken on the responsibility of getting us ready for the future. Not that she is doing it on purpose, of course, but nonetheless she is acting like the stereotypical two year old. Friday I came home and she was gone. We normally keep her on the porch which is 6-15 feet off the ground (each side is a different height due to surroundings, of course I would never leave my child at home :-). She usually is pretty afraid to go near the edges and seems to have a fear of heights. Not Friday. I came home from my meeting and she was no where to be found. I called and walked all over the property and was about to start going over the rest of the neighborhood when she came running. I have no way of know which direction she came from because she knows that if she always approaches the front door from a certain direction that we have a hard time knowing if she was "out of bounds". Smart little booger. Anyway, I am also suspicious that she might be coming into heat for the first time because ever since Friday she has disappeared at every opportunity (I got smart and she only has had one other chance since the porch incident) and the other time I found her she was coming from across the street! This is definitely not normal. So now we have a system where she has to go outside on a long tie off rope that keeps her within 20' of the front door. Lovely.

All this led me to think about the future things I will have to deal with in my kids. Allowing for the fact that the children won't be left home alone on the porch or tied to the front door as a punishment, there are certain similarities that are bound to eventuate. The sneakiness, for example. Or the consistently doing that thing he knows is wrong but the risk isn't as big as the reward kind of thing. These are things I am going to get from my kids. How do I deal with that? Based on a lot of prayer and hopefully some effective behavioral management techniques I am hoping that the child's ability to reason and communicate are going to make my job easier to tell when someone just wants to go outside to play as opposed to "I'm going to pee on the floor if I don't get out soon". I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?

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