Thursday, June 15, 2006

False alarm.

Well, I guess a first time mother is entitled to a false alarm, right? That's what I keep telling myself to avoid feelings of incompetence and ignorance. So here's the story. Last night I started having contractions around 6pm. They were not really painful but definitely something was going on and they continued steadily through the night sometimes keeping me awake and other times allowing me to doze through them. About 5am I started timing them so that if it became apparent that this was the real thing I could tell Paul to stay home from school. They were about 7-10mins apart, lasting between 1 and 3 minutes. Sounds pretty good, right? I wish. So around 7am I call Margarite just to ask a few questions. I was really hesitant since the contractions still have not met my expectations as far as pain is concerned. She said she thought this might be something and that she would call me back in a an hour or so to check the progress.

So starts the trek around the grounds. We live on the side of a large hill so pretty much any way you go is up hill or down hill. I discovered that walking down hill increased the pressure in my uterine muscles so I continuously walked up and down the longest, steepest stretch we have. That was all fine and good until the sun came out. So I came in and alternated between walking and coming inside to cool down and I squatted instead of sitting or laying. Still nothing different. I sent Paul to school and shortly thereafter I was in front of the computer (squatting again) when I felt fluid trickling. Great! Except now I don't know if it's just the way I am positioned that has cause my bladder to leak a little, or the fact that I have been hoofing it around in 90 degrees and am sweating to death, or I actually might have broken my amniotic sac. Another call to Margarite. She decides that she will come out to see me so that we all know what is going on. More walking and squatting follow. She arrives less than an hour later and we do all the regular stuff. BP is 110/70, sample is clear, and Isaac's little heart is beating away happily (rising and falling according to activity). Then the fun begins.

Up to this point I have not had an "internal exam". Margarite's philosophy is that the less invasive procedures, the better and that is fine with me. But today we both decided that an exam was in order for the sake of everyone's peace of mind. Oh boy. That was fun. It's one thing to for everybody to talk about having a baby and the dynamics of the process and whatever, but I have to say that the concept of this exam feels like having the kid in reverse. Of course I can't make this statement definitively yet, but it works at least in my imagination. Anyway, I am not effaced, not dilated, his head is in engaged but still slightly above the ideal position but I apparently have a pelvis that "could take on a 10 pounder without a problem". That's a quote. Nice to know. The solution? I have to have an enema to make sure that the baby has all the room he needs to descend. Lovely.

This is all I am going to say about that process. Been there, done that and I am still here and he is not going anywhere. Have a great night :-)

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