Monday, July 31, 2006

You got a what?!

Didn't think it was possible to get a cold in the Caribbean? Think again!  My Mom visited us a couple weeks ago and I came down with a doozy of a cold. I didn't think too much of it because let's face it, I just had a baby three weeks earlier and the sleep deprivation probably lowered my immune system and whammo there you go I have a cold.  Then last week Paul caught it just when we thought he had escaped.  Of course, his version went to his chest after a few days (his colds always do that).  And now, you guessed it, Isaac has it. I think I would have prefered for both Paul and I to have had colds that were twice as bad if it meant Isaac didn't have to have it.  So far it's not serious. No fever, mucus is relatively clear, he's sleeping a little more but not lethargic at all when he is awake, still nursing fine and he doesn't seem to be in any pain. Basically, I just keep him propped up so his little sinuses can drain and he sounds like a baby warthog when he breathes through his nose.  Still...can't imagine what I am going to be like if he ever gets seriously ill...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some favorites

These are some of my favorite shots :-) More to come...or go see them all on Flickr

Daddy and Isaac

Hear no Evil, See no...

Isaac & Grandma

Friday, July 14, 2006

What you've all been waiting for...



Total Length

18 hours 38mins (extended version, slightly debateable)
4-6 hours ("real" or hard labour)

Break down

1am: I woke up with contractions that were 5mins apart and hard enough that I couldn't sleep through them. We called Margarite.

am: Margarite came to check on me and see if I was making any progress. I wasn't. She showed me a few exercises to do during the contractions to turn Isaac's head. He was facing my the side of my hip instead of facing my back like he needed to in order for my cervix to dilate.

3:45am: Margarite left to get some sleep because she said that the baby was definitely coming today but it was going to be a while. I continued to walk around between contractions and squat during them with the help of Paul and Grace (she arrived shortly after 1:30, I think).

am-12pm: I was so tired from the exercising and lack of sleep that my body crashed and I started to sleep between contractions. This seemed slow things a little. I was still contracting but only the very hardest ones could wake me up.

2pm: Margarite came back and gave me an enema to make sure that my system was clean and nothing was interfering with Isaac's position in the pelvis.

3:30pm: After an internal exam we find that I am 3cm dilated. Enough to have my water broken. Margarite ruptures the membranes to try and get Isaac to fully engage and move the labour along.

4:30pm: I am started on a drip of oxytocin (we have to take it out at pm because it tissued)

6:20pm: My contractions are closer together and I am getting very tired and "somewhat distressed" according to the notes from the midwife. This means I am screaming my head off into a pillow and trying to figure out how on earth I am going to survive this experience. Margarite gives me a shot of Pithidine which allows me to relax between contractions, almost to the point of falling asleep. The medicine works for about 20mins (it's supposed to be that way).

6:45pm: The oxytocin is resited.

8pm: Fully dilated

8:38pm: Isaac is born!

Other notes:

*His APGAR was 9@1min and 10@mins.
*His blood type is the same as mine so if our blood had mixed (which it didn't) I still wouldn't have had to take the Rogram injection.
*I had a 2nd degree tear that required a few stitches.
*As soon as he was clean enough to hold without sliding around we started nursing. He latched on the first time and we have never looked back :-)