Monday, August 07, 2006

Holy growing baby, Batman!

I can't believe it! Actually I can, that's what made me check on his growth in the first place. Isaac is almost 25 inches tall and is probably over 13lbs. Insanity! He is tall and thin like both of his parents at that age. As for development, he can hold his head up with virtually no lag, tummy time is going well although we don't like it for too long and cooing is here in full force. Crying has changed from "I must panic and scream uncontrollably for everything I need no matter how close someone is to me" to "Hmm...small quiet fusses work just as well as this screaming thing". He spends lots of his time smiling and cooing to himself (he doesn't mind laying around without being able to have me in direct line of sight anymore) and he now smiles when I kiss him and has the beginnings of laughter. Too much fun!

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