Monday, September 11, 2006

The next 100 posts...

This post is number 101. Wow. I don't think I have ever kept record of anything for that long regardless of the medium we are discussing. I know that lots of the posts have just been pictures and whatnot but I feel like this a major accomplishment for me. Almost like I am a grown-up!

Anyway, this month has brought all kinds of new things in the Isaac department. We can now add rolling over to the list of new skills along with pulling up to sit and stand with minimal assistence. Vocal development continues to improve with a few consant sounds being thrown into the "ooo, aahh, uuhhh" mix. We have completely exceeded the 0-3 mos clothes as well as most of the 3-6 mos ones as well. Thank goodness we have a few 6-9mos things that fit well but the 12mos size is also working in some things. We took our first swim last Thursday and then took a dip yesterday with friends. Isaac loves the water and doesn't even mind a dunking once in a while (this is apparently harder on Mommy than the kiddo).

Other than that life continues to roll right on through classes and research for Daddy. There is a new couple here this term that we have come to be great friends with and may start meeting every week at our house for morning worship as well as Grace who has always been a part or our Sunday church family. Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post of all of us sometime!
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baby escapade said...

Awww what a sweet picture. Glad all is well:)