Saturday, October 14, 2006

You know you are used to the tropics when...

You name the mice that are in your house...not because they live there but because they live right outside your frondoor and use your apartment as a walk through to the porch.

You have a roach the size of your thumb crawl up next to you and you think, "Oh, he's not so least he's not the size of my husband's thumb!"

You think that 75 degrees is "cool".

Your baby get's cold in the grocery store because it is air-conditioned.

Your husband comments on your tan and you get the impression he thinks it resembles a construction worker :-)

You find little pieces of poop in weird places (stuck to the ceiling, on the sewing machine, underneath ledges) and you are thankful that the lizards are living with you to keep down the mosquito population.

Loving the fun and sun down here! Hope you find the fun side of your places' little "quirks" :-)

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