Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quote of the Week-Isaac

Mommy: "Isaac, why are you naked? Why did you take off ALL your clothes just to go potty?!"

Isaac: "Um...because it makes me happy, Mommy."

What do you say to that?! lol.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Important Stuff

Over the weekend my husband and I had an ongoing discussion about something we read on the internet I am leaving the topic and any more info out on purpose because 1) I get too angry when I talk about it and 2) the subject isn't really important to my point. Anyway, at church on Sunday, Pastor Mike Devries spoke on "The Risks of a Strong Stand". You can hear it for yourself here if you'd like. It was a great blessing to my heart and helped me put things back in perspective.

Here's the thing. I have a lot of opinions. Everyone does. However, there are some things that are more important to take a stand on than others. I forget this. A LOT. Especially in conservative, Christian communities there can be a lot of things that are made out to be just about as important as the Gospel when in fact they are no where close. Translations, dress codes, Harry Potter, Twilight Series, personal music standards, all these things are fine to have opinions about but too often it frustrates me how inflated such trivialities become. Are we right on the things that matter most, like how one enters into a relationship with Christ and how one continues to become more Christlike? After these things, the rest is really just a matter of opinion.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fundraising the Roof!

These past couple weeks my mom's school has been doing their beginning of school fundraising. They set a goal of $40,000 (it's a middle school) and several teachers and staff committed to doing silly things all day Friday if the goal was met. Mom committed to wear her "ball gown", the principal committed to dress as Betsy Ross and work all day on the roof of the school, one teacher spoke nothing but pig latin ALL day...you get the picture. In addition to all that, the kids that reached their personal goals got to ride in a limo to a local pizza place which donated a slice to each kid and a drink. We normally meet my mother for lunch but since it was going to seem a little awkward to go anywhere the way she was we decided to come to her. Isaac dressed up as Spiderman and Jason was going to be a dog but decided that he wanted to be "Granda" and wear a ball cap instead. They were a HUGE hit with the middle-schoolers! Isaac loved all the web slinging and high-fiving big kids. I have posted a couple of the high lights here but you can go to Flickr to see a more complete set.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fantastic Fridays!

It' not often that I have Friday off from Chico's. I usually work Friday and Saturday nights because it just ends up best that way for our staff. However, this week I have Friday off completely and tomorrow I get off at 7pm instead of 9:30! Woohoo! Added to that, Paul had made some changes to the deductions that come out of his paychecks every week but they kept being deducted anyway. Today his paycheck included a reimbursement for all those deductions that were made in error! So *yay* I get a much needed new tire for my van. God is SO good. I know He's good ALL the time, of course, but once in a while the tangible reminders He gives are a great encouragement. I hope you have as great a weekend as I do!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great Return from Grenada

Since this blog was started in and because of our life in Grenada, I guess I would do well to give you the full story about what happened there. So here it goes.

When I met and married Paul he was on track to become a doctor. On our honeymoon we found out he had been accepted to St. George's Medical school in Grenada. So, 4 weeks after we were married he moved down and I followed a little over a month later. Not a ton of fun, I assure you. Anyway, once in Grenada Paul worked day and night on two degrees, an Doctorate of Medicine and a Masters in Microbiology. Meanwhile I kicked around the studio apartment and island in general, got back into my jewelry and oh yeah, got pregnant and had Isaac.

Christmas 2006: We come to Colorado for the holidays and Isaac and I fly out 2 weeks early because Paul will be in finals and we won't see him anyway and it's like half the price to fly before the mass exodus of students going home. When we go to pick Paul up from the airport in Denver, Isaac is already saying "nana" and had a distinct grunt that he had assigned to my father but screamed unconsolably when Paul tried to hold him or even sit next to his car seat in the car (I actually had to switch seats with Paul for Isaac to stop being terrified). Basically, Isaac didn't know his Daddy. Although I know that Paul's decision had been in the making longer before this incident, for me it was a "marker" in the process. Over the holidays we prayed, talked and prayed some more about the course of our life as a family but in the end I wanted Paul to make the decision on his own. He did. He decided that even though he was succeeding in medical school and his withdrawal was met with opposition that our family was NOT going to be successful if he couldn't participate in it (which he would not really be able to for years if he continued in medicine).

Therefore, we packed up and moved to Colorado. Why Colorado, you say? Well, at the time our marriage and little family was basically just starting to live together. I really can't express how much we DIDN'T see Paul. It was like having a new member of the family almost. There was a long period of time where he had to remind me to let him help me. My parents live in Colorado Paul felt being near family would be good for us. So here we are and are likely to remain.

Paul now works at D&E Steel as a Project Administrator. He basically does all the purchasing and office organization for the field. Recently, he wrote a computer program from nothing into a system that has been implemented company wide (for time keeping and daily reports) and has other companies interested in using it as well.

All in all, God is great. Our family is now a unit and we all feel the blessing of each other everyday even in the trials that beset us all. God had made us richest in the things that matter most.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Jewelry Development

For those of you that followed my blog when I started it in Grenada you know that while I was there I started selling my jewelry. Since my jewelry has become a big part of me since that time I thought I'd share a little of how things have progressed.

I started dabbling with beads when I was about 14 and was into all kinds of arts and crafts on and off. When I got married and moved to Grenada in 2005 two things provoked my resurgence. First, I was unable to work (their labor laws there did not allow it) and secondly, I had ALL my time to myself since Paul was in class or studying. So I got back into beading and sold my designs through a campus organization called the Significant Others. I loved the process of designing, producing and finally selling my work.

Fast forward to the fall of 2008. We had moved back to the USA because Paul had decided that medical school was not the path he was supposed to continue on (that is a whole post or two on it's own). We now live in Colorado and I have 2 small boys. I got interested in polymer clay and PMC (precious metal clay). I began with polymer clay originally as a means of "practice" to work with PMC which is more expensive. A year later I have grown in leaps and bounds in my polymer clay skills and could probably move to PMC but I love my polymer too much! I still love working with manufactured materials and I eventually plan to incorporate the PMC in my work but for now I am enjoying the flow of my artistic phase in polymer clay. Maybe if I get my workspace cleaned up sometime I will post a picture or two of where I have so much fun!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Swine Flu

So if you see my FB status it says I am cleaning, which I am! I already have the family room floor cleared to be vacuumed but I am doing laundry and the dishwasher while I wait for Spiderman to be over so I can vacuum :) Plus, my Mom sent this picture across and I had to share! This is no way meant to poke fun at anyone that has had the swine flu and is not to say that we should take REASONABLE precautions against it. Just for fun! Have a great, healthy day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I love about Sundays

Sundays in our house are a day for family to worship and spend time together. We attend Northern Ridge Baptist Church and love our church family dearly. It's such a blessing to be able to gather with fellow believers to worship our Creator and Saviour.

As a family one we try to keep Sundays low key and relaxed to recharge our batteries for the coming week. One of the ways we do this is by gathering at my parents' house on Sunday evenings. Everyone brings something and we get to connect as a family and reach out to others. We invite friends and coworkers and regularly are able to discuss weighty matters of the mind and heart. This allows us to minister to people that are not always (or ever) comfortable in a formal setting.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend your Sundays? I'd love to hear them!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Now streaming Flickr!

Ok everyone! I now have my own Flickr photo stream set up for your visual updates. I started with the first nine months of Jason's life and will try to update more regularly. As I was posting this Jason got into my lipstick. Don't worry, I got photos ;) Hopefully they'll be up over the weekend.


After a busy day of blog tweaking yesterday and having to head to work early for an event we kicked off I feel like I can finally post and feel good about people visiting. If you stopped in yesterday and clicked off because you couldn't see or read the text, I apologize! Anyway, many comments have been left about the pictures that are on here from a couple years ago so "Coming Soon" will be a few to catch you up on the boys. Feel free to comment and leave me questions to answer about them if I neglect to mention anything you think is important ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tropical Blonde 2.0

Well, I decided to start blogging again. For a variety of reasons which will probably come out over time if I can be a little more consistent this time around. Ha! We'll see. But in the consistency area, I must say that motherhood forces routine on a girl like nothing else can. I mean that in a good way. Not being a creature of habit is for me a two-edged sword. On the one hand it makes me "flexible, creative, artistic and spontaneous". Or if you prefer "unpredictable, uncontrollable, difficult and flaky". It all depends on your point of view really. Anyway, having 2 rowdy boys means that if I want ANY kind of sanity they need a little structure. It is actually their need for routine that has got me thinking maybe I can take another crack at this blog. My boys are not morning people. They prefer to wake up slowly and don't really like to engage until they've eaten. This trait is what has given birth to our morning ritual. Wake up (about 6:30am of late), eat breakfast, sit quietly and watch a favorite show (usually Curious George, Super Readers, Baby Einstein, or other PBS educational morning stuff.) This allows them to come to the surface slowly and cuts down on them beating each other up. Meanwhile, I can eat my breakfast, have my morning reading and maintain my web presence all in relative peace. By the time I am showered and ready we usually head out to run errands or play dates, grab a quick lunch with Nana and by then they are both ready for naps. So they sleep and I make dinner or work on my jewelry. Usually the latter and then I lose track of time and scramble to make up the dinner when the time rolls around. Some things haven't changed. By the time the boys are up Paul is home and we do dinner and have family time until little guys show signs of bed (unprovoked whining and randomly picking fights are top of the list). That leaves just enough time for Paul and I to connect before WE show signs of needing to go to bed :)

So goes most days in my life unless I have to work but that's a whole other post. We'll see how goes adding this into the mix. Now that I have my esty sight up and running with reasonable success I thought it might be a good time to extend myself :) Let me know what you think! What do you like to keep busy doing? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of my most popular bracelets. You can see more of my work at kathryn7.etsy.com. I also do custom orders and will be posting some of those too.

Reconnecting with Tropical Blonde

This is my first post in a long time! You probably find many things the same about me but other have definitely changed. Like the look of this blog for one. Expect a lot of tweaking over the next little while as I configure Tropical Blonde to fit in with my life these days :)