Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fundraising the Roof!

These past couple weeks my mom's school has been doing their beginning of school fundraising. They set a goal of $40,000 (it's a middle school) and several teachers and staff committed to doing silly things all day Friday if the goal was met. Mom committed to wear her "ball gown", the principal committed to dress as Betsy Ross and work all day on the roof of the school, one teacher spoke nothing but pig latin ALL get the picture. In addition to all that, the kids that reached their personal goals got to ride in a limo to a local pizza place which donated a slice to each kid and a drink. We normally meet my mother for lunch but since it was going to seem a little awkward to go anywhere the way she was we decided to come to her. Isaac dressed up as Spiderman and Jason was going to be a dog but decided that he wanted to be "Granda" and wear a ball cap instead. They were a HUGE hit with the middle-schoolers! Isaac loved all the web slinging and high-fiving big kids. I have posted a couple of the high lights here but you can go to Flickr to see a more complete set.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun day! Your mom looks fantastic as usual!