Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great Return from Grenada

Since this blog was started in and because of our life in Grenada, I guess I would do well to give you the full story about what happened there. So here it goes.

When I met and married Paul he was on track to become a doctor. On our honeymoon we found out he had been accepted to St. George's Medical school in Grenada. So, 4 weeks after we were married he moved down and I followed a little over a month later. Not a ton of fun, I assure you. Anyway, once in Grenada Paul worked day and night on two degrees, an Doctorate of Medicine and a Masters in Microbiology. Meanwhile I kicked around the studio apartment and island in general, got back into my jewelry and oh yeah, got pregnant and had Isaac.

Christmas 2006: We come to Colorado for the holidays and Isaac and I fly out 2 weeks early because Paul will be in finals and we won't see him anyway and it's like half the price to fly before the mass exodus of students going home. When we go to pick Paul up from the airport in Denver, Isaac is already saying "nana" and had a distinct grunt that he had assigned to my father but screamed unconsolably when Paul tried to hold him or even sit next to his car seat in the car (I actually had to switch seats with Paul for Isaac to stop being terrified). Basically, Isaac didn't know his Daddy. Although I know that Paul's decision had been in the making longer before this incident, for me it was a "marker" in the process. Over the holidays we prayed, talked and prayed some more about the course of our life as a family but in the end I wanted Paul to make the decision on his own. He did. He decided that even though he was succeeding in medical school and his withdrawal was met with opposition that our family was NOT going to be successful if he couldn't participate in it (which he would not really be able to for years if he continued in medicine).

Therefore, we packed up and moved to Colorado. Why Colorado, you say? Well, at the time our marriage and little family was basically just starting to live together. I really can't express how much we DIDN'T see Paul. It was like having a new member of the family almost. There was a long period of time where he had to remind me to let him help me. My parents live in Colorado Paul felt being near family would be good for us. So here we are and are likely to remain.

Paul now works at D&E Steel as a Project Administrator. He basically does all the purchasing and office organization for the field. Recently, he wrote a computer program from nothing into a system that has been implemented company wide (for time keeping and daily reports) and has other companies interested in using it as well.

All in all, God is great. Our family is now a unit and we all feel the blessing of each other everyday even in the trials that beset us all. God had made us richest in the things that matter most.


Kelly said...

Wow, that's awesome how the Lord has lead y'all. I'm glad you posted this...I was wondering what had brought you back to CO!

Take care!

~Brenda said...

Not that you care what I think (lol), but I totally agree with your decision to move to Colorado. ;)