Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Jewelry Development

For those of you that followed my blog when I started it in Grenada you know that while I was there I started selling my jewelry. Since my jewelry has become a big part of me since that time I thought I'd share a little of how things have progressed.

I started dabbling with beads when I was about 14 and was into all kinds of arts and crafts on and off. When I got married and moved to Grenada in 2005 two things provoked my resurgence. First, I was unable to work (their labor laws there did not allow it) and secondly, I had ALL my time to myself since Paul was in class or studying. So I got back into beading and sold my designs through a campus organization called the Significant Others. I loved the process of designing, producing and finally selling my work.

Fast forward to the fall of 2008. We had moved back to the USA because Paul had decided that medical school was not the path he was supposed to continue on (that is a whole post or two on it's own). We now live in Colorado and I have 2 small boys. I got interested in polymer clay and PMC (precious metal clay). I began with polymer clay originally as a means of "practice" to work with PMC which is more expensive. A year later I have grown in leaps and bounds in my polymer clay skills and could probably move to PMC but I love my polymer too much! I still love working with manufactured materials and I eventually plan to incorporate the PMC in my work but for now I am enjoying the flow of my artistic phase in polymer clay. Maybe if I get my workspace cleaned up sometime I will post a picture or two of where I have so much fun!

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Myra said...

I love your creativeness! :)

I wondered if you guys were back in the US. Didn't know for sure. I would love to hear the story.

What is Paul doing now?