Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In honor of all my fans on Facebook (we just hit 100 :)) I am running a contest with jewelry as the prize!! All you have to do is head over to my Etsy shop and copy the title of your favorite item and post it in a comment on this blog entry and tell me what you like about the piece. You may enter up to 3 times (each entry must be a different piece). I will accept entries until midnight Sunday and post the winner on Monday morning the 26th of October. If you don't set up a profile and comment anonymously, I understand, please make sure to email, Fb message or something to let me know who you are!

Now, what is the prize? These Rainbow Lentils that I made a while back will be made into whatever the winner wants: a bracelet, a necklace, earrings or a combination of their choice! Wear it yourself or give as a gift!


Susana C. said...

how do i post a pic in this comment??? i love the chunky red!!! :)

Ellie said...

"Pretty in pastels" is one of my fave pieces with the big green pearls and the clump of crystals hanging below.

Ellie said...

I like the natural feel of the "Aqua Glass and Wire Bracelet". The color reminds me of the Pacific Ocean.

Ellie said...

The "Snow Leopard Bracelet" is such a cool chunky way to add a pop of black and white to an outfit. I love how chunky it is without being too raised. I keep meaning to get something like that.