Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jenni in the hospital

Some of my Facebook friends might have seen some posts regarding my sister in-law Jennifer Tice. I thought I would do a quick post about her today so that you can be in prayer for her.

Jenni is due in January with their first baby (it's a girl! Rhys Tice). A few days ago she went in to the hospital for some severe pain and the doctors thought it was a kidney infection. Turns out it's not an infection, she has a kidney stone. She had surgery this morning to have a stent put in and as far as I know that procedure went well and now the waiting begins for her to pass the stone. She is of course on meds for the pain but she says so far Rhys is handling them well. As you think of her and my brother, Ben, please bring them before the Lord in prayer. They are both eager to be done with this ordeal and are in very bad need of some rest.


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I saw Ben's fb status and wondered what was going on. I've been praying for them this afternoon. How exciting that they are having a little girl!

Anonymous said...

Do they live in Greenville? I could have sworn I saw your brother in the hospital on Tuesday. We were there to visit my sister-in-law who gave birth to her first child 11 weeks early.