Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Isaac and the "tissue".

I am hoping to be getting back into the swing of blogging more regularly now that the busiest season of the year for retail is over :) Between my jewelry business and my part time job, family and the holidays, blogging just didn't get a look in! We are also going through a trying time with Paul being laid off today unless something miraculous happens. More details on the serious things later but as you can imagine I haven't really had the spare energy or emotion to channel into blogging. Here is a funny story though that will make you smile!

We have lunch every Friday with the 5 generations of family (My great-grandma, grandma, mom, me, and my boys). Grandma and I are sitting with Isaac waiting when I look over and Isaac has his finger up his nose like he's trying to touch his brain.

Kate: "Honey, don't pick your nose, it's icky. Can I get you a tissue?"

Isaac: "No thanks, Mommy. I will just pretend that my finger is a tissue."

(Grandma is just about falling out of her chair laughing as she digs for a tissue in her purse.)

Grandma: "Here is a tissue. Would you like to at least wipe your finger off with it?"

Isaac looks at the booger on his finger and contemplates this option, looks up at Grandma and flicks the booger off to the side assuming that we are both not RIGHT THERE LOOKING.
Isaac: "No thanks. It's all gone now."

I bet you can't wait to have a 3 year old :)


~Brenda said...

He's gonna love you when he's about to get married and his wife comes to read your blog. Hahaha!! Too funny. :)

Can't wait to hear what your brother got you!


Dustin and Melissa said...

What a funny story! I am sure three year olds are a lot of work, but at least Isaac keeps you smiling. :)

Happy New Year!