Friday, February 26, 2010

Muffins and God

Isaac came upstairs and said "I wish we could make muffins, Mommy". So I found myself scouting out the cupboards to see what I had to make this a possibility and ended up with this recipe. With a few alterations (we used sprinkles instead of the sugar coating on top) we were on our way to a special midmorning snack. I should mention here that this was the first time I have attempted to bake "with" the boys or have them "help" as opposed to doing it myself and letting them eat the results. It's not that I am necessarily opposed to mess, trying to explain that we only need ONE EGG so you will have to settle for pouring instead of cracking, or anything else associated with these kinds of endeavors, it's just that my children get their "I DO IT MYSELF" attitude from yours truly. So I began thinking (as I am trying to explain to Jason that I won't put the oil in the cup until he would hold it over the bowl, while urging Isaac in escalating tones to PUT THE LID BACK ON THE BAKING POWDER before you try to put it away on the turnstile) that making muffins with two boys under 4 is much like situations we face in life. How many times has God been making something great for us and we insist on following our own path and getting eggshells is a perfect muffin? Of course, we have the benefit of a God that cannot have His will frustrated by such a puny creature as ourselves added to His infinite patience (something I do NOT have). I also got a chance to try out some practical applications of this great blog post that my pastor posted on parenting (not that there is anything overtly spiritual about making muffins but I think you will get the idea;)). I am off not to try a new bead technique which I will update you on later. Have a great weekend!


Pretty Things said...

When the kidlets say something like that, you know you just HAVE to do it -- that's how memories are made.

Ruthie said...

Baking with kids is entertaining :)