Friday, June 25, 2010

5 years.

Wow. Hard to believe yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. A lot has happened in 5 years! Pau surprised me by keeping his morning routine the same (as far as I could tell he was headed out the door to work as normal) but he cam back with my favorite breakfast! Turns out he took Thursday and Friday off from work! So we had breakfast in bed and played with the boys, later his mother came over with her nieces and stayed most of the day to play. We had delicious homemade pizza and finished off with a hilarious movie. Such an awesome day. My favorite part though was the ecards that Paul had set up to be sent to me every 2 hours either informing me of the next surprise or just letting me know he loves me. Am I blessed or what?! Love you, Babe!

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Rebecca said...

Aw, how totally cute! You are indeed very lucky. Sounds like you had a really great day!