Saturday, June 19, 2010

Links to the other reveals today!

Sorry, I meant to put up the links to the other reveals today but it's a little crazy here (today is Isaac's 4th birthday :)

1. Lori, Pretty Things

2. Lorelei, Lorelei1141

3. Norma, Moonlit Fantaseas

4. Beth, EB Bead and Metalworks

5. Katie, KatieBead

6. Kimberly, Bahama Dawn

7. Debbie, Prairie Emporium

8. Lisa, Joolz by Lisa

9. Kate, Tropical Blonde

10. Janet, Singing Woods

11. Julianna, Juls Beads

12. Erin, Treasures Found


TesoriTrovati said...

That is some yummy soup! Looks like a cold a light summery cantaloupe soup. Well done! Enjoy the day! Erin

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Isaac.

I have always loved the "Y" necklace design and the little cluster of beads are very pretty together. Very nice.

Carol B said...

Very nice!

Lorelei said...

Very pretty!! Wasn't this a blast??

Whitney Lassini said...

Beautiful and elegant!

Barbara Bechtel said...

They are both wonderful but I really like the second piece how the color is asymmetrical! So pretty!