Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On a roll with redos

We moved into our new house and we're LOVING it! We have so much more usable space inside and out. You saw the dresser I repainted for the boys a couple posts's what I did over the holiday weekend. The chairs and bench came with the house along with a table (the landlord was going to donate them but I told her to leave them and if I decided against them I would take them to ARC). I put the table in my new bead room because it was really too big to be in the kitchen where they had it originally and replaced it with a smaller table I had already redone. Below you can see the before and after shots of the bench and chairs. The best part was the price! It took me $3 worth of spray paint and the fabric was on clearance at Hobby Lobby so I recovered all three pieces for $3.50 with a little to spare! The padding was just some egg crate and batting I have around for such things :) Not bad for less than $7!


leigh ashley said...

wow, those look awesome kate! good job!!

shiborigirl said...

there's nothing quite like a do-it-yourself job to give satisfaction. I love the fabrics you chose for this.


Thanks so much for your nice comment on my recent post. :)

~Brenda said...

Hey, hey, hey! Those are very pretty. You did a great job!!