Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new venture

I am thinking of starting a new Etsy shop for finding and supplies. The next few days I am planning to post a sample of different items and I would LOVE it if you ladies and gentlemen would tell me which ones appeal to you the most! Here are a few to get us started :) What do you think? Also, is there something specific that you would like to see that you find difficult to obtain currently? Let me know that too!


leigh ashley said...

hey kate! i just recently started making jewelry and have a new etsy site... i'm ALWAYS looking for someone in the us to buy from! i'm loving that shopping bag charm! i look forward to seeing what else you have! my etsy site (if you want to look and see what i'm looking for) is: http://theshabbyapple.etsy.com.

Pretty Things said...

Go for it!