Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Signing work?! Please leave your input because I don't know WHAT to think ;)

OK, ladies and gents, here's my question.

For those of you that create (anything at all): Do you sign/mark your work on the piece itself (and if so, HOW do you do it for your particular medium?). Do you feel that "tagging" a piece (with say your name/logo or whatever) is enough credit for you?

For those who buy: Does a piece become more meaningful for you if it's marked by the artist or is tagging enough for you?

Please let me know your thoughts. I am trying to come up with a standard for myself and finding it much harder to decide than I thought it would be!


Cindy said...

No...I don't happen to "sing" my work. Maybe I will one day with a simple, small silver tag. I've seen it done and I do like it if it's tasteful and not too large and overpowering. I don't think it necessarily makes a difference though to me in buying a piece of jewelry. :-)

Whimsical Creations said...

Great question!

I try and sign my clay with marker after it is cured. Half the time I forget to do it though.

Barbara Bechtel said...

I've been trying to decide this as well. I'm still working on it. I don't sign my beads. To my more expensive jewelry designs, I add a handmade signature bead, but I'm still trying to decide on a standard.

Brandi said...

I definitely think it's easier for metalsmithers to sign their work rather than beaders. They can put a little disc with a logo or a stamp in a not so obvious place.

For me as a beader, it's not so simple, you know? What would I add? Anything I added would have to be incorporated into every design... Not that it isn't a good idea, but I wouldn't know where to put a signature!

Pretty Things said...

I don't sign anything -- I don't use tags because when I buy jewelry, to me they get in the way of the aesthetics. But a metalsmith can stamp it on the backside or inside of a ring and that is great!

Alice Stroppel said...

I always sign and date my work with a micron Pigma pin and heat set it.

with a .01 or .005 you can sign it so small you won't believe it. I like to know what year I made something and my customers seem to like it as well.