Friday, September 03, 2010

It's going to be an entertaining year.

Isaac's preschool teacher met me at the door this morning to tell me a funny story (we've had several so far but this one's great). The new speech therapist that helps out in the class from time to time came to visit yesterday for the first time this year. She plays with the kids and generally gets to know them during the course of the day/year and yesterday she and Isaac were playing in the "kitchen" when he turned to her and said "You look like the Hulk!" (she's pretty tall;). Now, has Isaac ever watched the Hulk movie? No. Read a comic book about Hulk? No. But there it is. Of course the first thing I asked was "did she understand what he said?". Oh yes, not just understood him but apparently the rest of the conversation went like this...

Therapist: "Am I green like the Hulk?"
Isaac: "No, but you still look like him."
Th: "Do I have black hair like the Hulk?"
I: "No, but you still look like him!"

And on it when the director says the therapist is coming the preschool assistants say "Oh, don't you mean the Hulk?" :) Hooboy. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Pretty Things said...

Oh dear! I hope she had a sense of humor! I have a whole book of Zack-isms, I call them.