Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Door knobs of Hades (part 1)

The day (yesterday) began innocently enough. Everyone was dressed and fed and it looked like we were going to make it to preschool right on time. Then Jason locked himself in the bathroom. On purpose. He knows how to operate the door and he also knows he's not allowed to lock it but since when has that stopped any 2 year old you know? And here I thought I was going to miss the whole locking ones self in the bathroom thing since I DON'T HAVE TEENAGE GIRLS! Right. Fortunately, we did make it on time after Jason decided unlocking the door was the wise choice because he really wasn't sure if Mom would leave without him ;) I came home and promptly switched the door knob around so it only locks from the outside until we replace it with something more suitable. Little did I know that this door knob incident was NOTHING compared to what happened that afternoon...stay's a doozy.

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