Thursday, October 21, 2010

Door knobs of Hades (part 2)

If you missed my recount of Tuesday morning's mishap check out Part 1.

The rest of the morning went well. I even got a chance to catch up on some work and do a little clay work in my bead room/office. As I was getting ready to leave to go pick up Isaac from school I exited the office and shut the door (to prevent little fingers from poking my clay). I get back from school and discover the door won't open! No amount of handle jiggling, pushing, kicking and body slamming will budge this sucker. Now, you're thinking, she just took off the bathroom knob..."GO GET A SCREWDRIVER BLONDIE!". Uh, yeah...there are NO screws on the hall side of the door. Oh, and that metal piece that you are supposed to be able to trip with a credit card, paint scraper etc is also on the other side! Now what?!

Fast forward to lunchtime. My Mom stops in for lunch and have this great idea that while she can watch the boys for a few minutes I can get into the room via the window and open it from the other side. Simple right? WRONG! It won't open from that side either. So off comes the knob. Still nothing. The locking mechanism appears to have somehow broken in the closed position. No biggie...this resourceful one decides to take off the hinges. No go. Seriously. The pins come out just fine but the hinges won't separate! By now Nana has to get back to work, so it's back out the window for me and wait til the Hubs gets home from work.

Catch part 3 to hear how that went...complete with a couple photos for reference :)


Kyle and Sarah said...

i am excited to read part 3! you are a go getter forsure trying to tackle this situlation... especially climbing through windows not long after giving birth!! you are amazing!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Glad I didn't have your day! My sister got trapped in her room when we where in high school. It was quite the scene with my dad destroying the door knob to free her.