Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Door knobs of Hades (part 3)

Catch up with part 1 and and part 2 here.

Paul arrives home and decides to tackle the problem. Within minutes of trying to solve the problem from the hall side of the door he decides that it does indeed look like the inside of the room is most likely going to be the place to solve the issue. Now, keep in mind that while Paul is a geek by nature and profession, he's built like a line backer. About 6 foot 5 inches of huge man fitting thru a 23inX16in window. Let me try to give you a visual.
We got him...
...in there...(that center white space).

Yeah. When he righted himself from climbing through the window and doing a handstand on the chair I placed under the window he said "Well, if we can't get it open I'll be sleeping in here tonight because there is NO WAY I will be going out the way I came in". Seriously, people, it was like an SNL skit up in here.

No worries, though, the story ends well. He couldn't get the locking mechanism to work from that side either (I felt a little good about that) and ended up just hammering it out of the door all together. Fixed the problem, right? Nope. Still shut tighter than...(insert your own simile here because I can only think of inappropriate ones). So it all finally came down to him inserting tools in various strategic spots in the hinges and hammering a lot. Who'da thought?

See you at Hope Depot this weekend...we'll be in the fixtures section.

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