Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Authentic vintage part 1.

My great grandma Vivian is turning 100 this year. She just moved into an assisted living facility last weekend. As you can probably imagine, she is amazing. She and her husband were in the intelligence community for our government for many years and she has some awesome stories. Another time, remind me to tell you about the red leather pumps that got away. Anyway, Grandma Vivian gave me these:

The box is STUFFED with smaller bags and boxes of her jewelry! Lots of costume, some gold and silver, tons of clip on earrings and more than a little vintage lucite (I think but I will be doing some more research to see if I can actually use that term). As soon as I can lay it all out and take photos I'll let you know!

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Courtney said...

Such fun! I rec'd something similar when my MIL passed last March. Such a treasure trove! Enjoy.