Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday frenzy.

Paul (the hubs) has every other Friday off from work. It's kind of like a second Saturday. We try to get most of the projects and errands run on those Fridays for the weekend. Then we proceed to goof off for the rest. It's great. Today we're tackling more of Grandma Vivian's furniture (back story). In case you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of your life right now, let me share these pictures with you that hopefully will make you feel better.

That last one is my living room as of last Saturday. It's better now but parts of the mess just migrated to other parts of the house. Bad news is I have been working every night for the last month, I work tomorrow and I still have another week to go. Good news is I get to look at this all day.

How bad could life be when you've got 3 monkeys like this one?!

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Marianna said...

awww baby love! you bite on those cheeks don't you?