Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Here is my whole bead table for Bead Table Wednesday. I would love to show you a closer view of the bead board but alas, it is currently housing my Bead Soup project and can't be seen too closely yet.
However, you might have noticed that this section of the bead table pictured below hasn't changed from last week!
Yes indeed these babies were still waiting here when these shots were taken this morning. Then my computer threw the mother of all hissy fits and decided he didn't want to play this morning. So I am happy to report that while Mac was pouting (turns out his keyboard has major issues), Mr Nikon and I took some lovely pictures of the poly beads which I will edit, load to Etsy and post about tomorrow. That is assuming that Mac and Nik can bear to work together this afternoon during nap time. We'll see. If not, there is always Miss Maytag waiting downstairs to do laundry but she and I don't always have the best relationship either ;)

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